and the families who love them

At Match Me With An Agent, we know that an extra level of care and commitment is required when working with senior citizens. We take that responsibility very seriously and very personally.

Whether a senior loved one needs to move to a family member’s home, assisted living, or full care nursing home, the logistics can be daunting and the emotions can be overwhelming.
Frequently, the first stage is listing Mom or Dad’s home for sale. This is where our dedicated senior-focused Match Me Specialists work to find the perfect listing agent…in three steps:

  • Step One:
    Our senior-focused Match Me Specialists get to know the situation with a much-needed sensitivity, personally connecting with the family and gently asking important questions, like:
    • What is Mom or Dad’s physical/mental capacity?
    • Will the chosen Match Me agent work with the loved one’s adult children or directly with Mom or Dad?
    • Is there anything else the Match Me agent should know in order to serve your family with care?
  • Step Two:
    The Match Me Specialist will then review our Match Me listing agent roster within the given area/town to connect the family with a customized choice of top producing senior-focused listing agents.
  • Step Three: Once chosen, the Match Me listing agent is directly connected with the family and the process of selling Mom or Dad’s home can begin.

Because we only work with top performing listing agents, the family can be assured that their loved one’s home will be sold in a timely manner with extreme professionalism and that their beloved senior can comfortably begin their next phase of life!


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