Making Offers In A Competitive Market

Frequently, buyers set out with rose-colored glasses.  Caught up in the excitement of starting a new life, they embark upon a search for the perfect house in a friendly neighborhood with great schools and a bustling downtown.  Disillusionment follows, however, when...

Low Cost Home Improvements For Sellers

File this one under “less is more”. Sellers tend to think they have to spend a lot of money on home improvements in order to maintain or increase their house’s perceived market value.  However, simple cost-effective solutions can often yield more bang for the buck...

Selling To Friends And Family

For most people, the mere thought of selling their house is unsettling, to put it mildly.  Even when everything goes smoothly, the process itself is overwhelming.  Hiring the right agent, decluttering from basement to attic, staging your home for open houses, finding...

Selling Fast

The ideal house sale results in the highest price in the shortest amount of time with the fewest possible headaches. But how often does the ideal occur? In the vast majority of cases, sellers have to decide what is most important to them and make concessions.  If you...

To Buy Or Not To Buy (Before Selling)?

Real estate is a risky business. Despite the many professionals serving the industry, such as real estate agents, mortgage lenders, appraisers and home inspectors, all working in various ways to streamline the process and unveil as many issues in advance as possible,...

Making Offers During The Summer Market

Summer has arrived and you still haven’t found a new house.  The horror!  Whatever will you do? First, relax.  Deep breath, count to ten, exhale.  Touch your toes, a few deep knee bends… Better?  Good! Now, back to the matter at hand. Just because you didn’t close on...


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