To Buy Or Not To Buy (Before Selling)?

Real estate is a risky business. Despite the many professionals serving the industry, such as real estate agents, mortgage lenders, appraisers and home inspectors, all working in various ways to streamline the process and unveil as many issues in advance as possible,...

Making Offers During The Summer Market

Summer has arrived and you still haven’t found a new house.  The horror!  Whatever will you do? First, relax.  Deep breath, count to ten, exhale.  Touch your toes, a few deep knee bends… Better?  Good! Now, back to the matter at hand. Just because you didn’t close on...

Preparing For The Worst At Closing

When a real estate closing goes as planned, everyone is happy. The seller sells, the buyer buys, and both parties move on to the next chapter of their lives in their new homes. All professionals involved in the transaction receive payment for their services and move...

A Home Seller’s Checklist

Sometimes sellers take a hands-off approach when entering the market. Confident their house will sell itself, they feel no need to help it along. Generally speaking, the longer a seller has lived in the house, the more likely he or she is to think this way. While home...

Preparing For An Open House

You finally decided to go for it and put your house on the market. Now your agent is about to host your first open house. It’s show time! If you really want the show to be a hit though, you’re going to have to prepare, and that preparation should start at least seven...

How To Navigate Competing Offers On Your Home

Great news – your house has multiple offers! You’re right where every seller wants to be! But don’t celebrate just yet. The road to a successful home sale is long and winding; your journey has just begun. Pitfalls abound along the way, and if you are not careful you...

What Makes A Top Agent?

Real estate agents are not hard to find. Chances are you already know one, probably several. If not, you can bet someone you know does. There are plenty of them out there and they’re not shy. Advertisements for real estate agents appear everywhere from billboards to...

Real Estate Myth #1 – The Selling Season

Ah, the spring market! As everyone who’s anyone in real estate knows, this is the make it or break it time of the year. All those wonderful young families looking for new homes to settle into over the summer before school reopens in the fall! Isn’t it exciting? But...

Christopher Henwood at Northpointe Bank

Christopher Henwood Loan Officer, NMLS# 1280900 P: 908-797-4269 |  F: 862-277-5376 APPLY NOW | SECURE UPLOAD 9 Entin Road Parsippany, NJ 07054 |

Step Away From The Laptop, Get Your Feet Into That House!

No one can deny that modern technology has revolutionized the process of buying a home. Instead of trudging through random houses with For Sale signs in towns and neighborhoods of interest, we can now view carefully selected properties from the comfort of our own...

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